Jennifer Vranes

Golden Spring

Golden Spring

One of our premier artists at Royal Street Fine Art is Jennifer Vranes.  She is best known for her large and vibrant paintings of Aspen Forests and European Landscapes. Her trademarked technique using a palette knife to ‘sculpt’ in thick textures has become a favorite among our clients world-wide.

The art industry’s leading magazine, Art Business News, spotlighted Vranes in the article “Time Honored Appeal,” as one of the world’s top selling landscape artists. Art Business News later published a special edition on Today’s Top Artists, and included an editorial marking Vranes as America’s “Artist to Watch.”

We are proud to have Vranes paintings in the gallery.  Vranes comes to Aspen once a year and gets inspired by all the beautiful Aspen Tree Landscapes.  It is also a great time for her clients to meet her in person.  Our clients are enamored by her pieces and always intrigued by Vranes process.

Jennifer Vranes began her career decades ago as a portrait painter.  She felt the human form, especially the face of a person, told an interesting story.  However, the method for achieving extreme realism became stifling to her, and she longed for a subject matter that would give allowance for her unique creativity and colorful expression.  Switching from brushes to large palette knives gave freedom to her bold style and creative personality, allowing her to paint with intense color and the exciting texture that she craved.  There was no turning back!

Armed with a palette knife loaded with thick paint, she ‘sculpts’ the forms of her subject matter on canvas.  The foreground is more textured than the background, making it seem as if the landscape actually recedes into the distance.  Trunks of aspen trees, or the petals of poppy flowers, literally protrude from the canvas in a dynamic three-dimensional effect.  This unique technique, which Vranes coined “Textures of Life™”, creates a very definite tactile quality to her work.

Vranes masterfully applies multiple layers of paint, each with a distinct purpose.  As each new layer dries, her palette knives become smaller, and her strokes more precise.  Every sculpted stroke is essential; perfect in their imperfection, yet necessary to the whole.  Jennifer Vranes’ creations of color and life have found their way into the hearts and homes of numerous collectors from around the world!