Jennifer Vranes

Jennifer Vranes is best known for her trademarked technique using a palette knife to ‘sculpt’ in thick textured paintings of Aspen Forests and European Landscapes. Vranes’ work has become a favorite among collectors, international art galleries, and RSFA gallery in Aspen. The U.S. State Department recently selected her artwork for display in the “ART in Embassies” collection in Bamako, Mali. There it is set to represent the talent of the United States of America to dignitaries of all countries.

Art Business News, the art industry’s leading magazine, spotlighted Vranes in the article “Time Honored Appeal,” as one of the world’s top selling landscape artists. The publication later named Vranes as America’s “Artist to Watch” to a special edition.

“My inspiration comes from places I have fallen in love with from all over the world. Each painting I create is a reflection of where I long to be. In a world of growing uncertainty, it is important for me to provide the viewer a momentary escape from reality.” – Jennifer Vranes

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