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David Bromley

About David Bromley


David Bromley (born 1960 in Sheffield, England) is an Australian artist. He began his career in Adelaide as a potter, but is now best known for his painting and sculpture, in particular his portraits, and his paintings of children, birds, butterflies and female nudes. He has exhibited widely in Australia, and also in Asia, Europe, Africa and America, and has been a finalist at the Archibald Prize six times.

In May 2013 he married Yuge Yu and they formed Bromley & Co.

Born in England in 1960, Bromley and his family migrated to Adelaide, South Australia in 1964, spending his early years in Adelaide, and teens and twenties in south-east Queensland. In his mid-twenties he started working with clay, and painting.

In the 2000s lived he in St Kilda (Melbourne) and established a studio in Daylesford in country Victoria, but in 2012 he auctioned his collection and moved to Byron Bay, moving back to Melbourne in 2013.

He has six children; Dale (1984), Holly (2004), Willem (2007) and Arlo (2009) with previous partners, and daughters Wen (2013) and Bei Bel (2016) with his wife Yuge. David, Yugge, Wen and Bei Bel Bromley divide their time between Melbourne and Daylesford.

David Bromley’s artworks include two major bodies of work – the Boys Own adventure project and the Female Nude series.

He takes inspiration from childhood books, popular culture and artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Glen Baxter.[citation needed]

Bromley’s nudes portray the female form in contemporary fashion. He makes use of layering and texturing techniques while employing mediums such as metallic paint and leaf combined with black outlines on bold colours.

Since the mid-1980s, Bromley has had more than 30 solo exhibitions in Australia, as well exhibiting regularly throughout Europe, the UK, South Africa, Asia and the United States.