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About Jozza

Born in 1958 in Hidrolandia, a small town located in central Brazil, Jozza comes from an artistic family. His mother was an art teacher and instilled a passion for art in Jozza since he was a young child. A man of manytalents, Jozza was eventually able to study law in Brazil and was also a skilled soccer player. He played forAtletico, one of the best state soccer teams. His soccer talent afforded him the opportunity to move to theUnited States in 1986, when he was invited to play for a professional team in San Francisco. In 1996, Jozzarelocated to Miami, FL with his wife, Tatiana, and 2-year old daughter, Jordanna, to pursue a career in art.One of the most exciting Pop Artists in the world today, Jozza creates his artistic vision with vibrant imageryand combinations of bright color and hard-edged abstract subjects. Painting a wide repertoire of subjectsfrom flowers and still-lifes to people and cityscapes, his paintings are inspired by the simple streets of Brazilto the elegant cities of the United States. His paintings depict cities full of rhythm, nightclubs, subways andrestaurants where urban life subjects are the heartbeat and soul of society. Inspired by Andy Warhol, RobertIndiana, Romero Britto and Peter Max, Jozza’s colorful, shimmering, animated subjects have been capturedin over 1,000 works around the world to date. Jozza’s work is included in numerous public and privatecollections in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Germany.

In 2009, Jozza was given the rare distinction of being able to create original and limited edition fine art of theDisney characters, an honor bestowed on Peter Max before him. Jozza’s original paintings of Mickey Mouse,Minnie Mouse, Pluto and other characters sell out instantly. Jozza’s work has also been featured in theHollywood movie, Transporter II, directed by Louis Leterrier starring Jason Statham. In 2017 Jozza wascommissioned to create Lionel Richie’s portrait for his latest U.S. tour. Always appreciative of his goodfortune in life, Jozza looks for ways to contribute to society. He supports Project H.O.P.E, the CriançaEsperança Foundation in Brazil, the Lar Maria de Nazare Orphanage in Brazil and the Miami Dade CountySchools Art Education Project. Jozza’s life has been dedicated to art creating a better life.


2016 Red Dot Miami at Art Basel – Miami, FL

2015 New York International ArtExpo – New York, NY, USA

2014 Spectrum Miami – Miami, FL

2013 Spectrum Miami – Miami, FL


2011 Max on the Grove – Coconut Grove, FL, USA Art Miami – Miami, FL, USA Cozumel Museum –

Cozumel, Mexico New York Art Expo – New York, USA2010 Azamara – Holland, Denmark, France, Spain New York ArtExpo – New York, 2009 Project H.O.P.E – Aventura, FL, USA New York ArtExpo – New York, USA