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Neno Ramos

Neno Ramos

The artist Neno Ramos began his work in architecture, while he also took classes under artists such as Renina Katz, Marcello Nitschie, Haron Cohen, and Flávio Impéri. In 1994, he began to paint professionally utilizing a pop art style with his own icons and words as forms of expression, creating his own language of pattern through serigraphy. In 2004, he began to manipulate acrylic plates using laser- cutting technology.

In 2004, he assumed the position of production director of the Cooperativa de Artistas Visuais do Brasil, and as director he was responsible for the graphic design, visual programming, execution, assembly and realization of the – I Collective Exhibition Cooperativa Municipal Gallery Barueri, Spain.

Ramos is also a cultural activist for Brazilian artists, mainly working in France and the United States. The artist is a delegate in Brazil of the Société Academique de Arts Sciences et Lettres, an associate member of the Société Nationale de Beaux-Arts and member, adviser, and correspondent in Brazil of Amitiés Internationales André Malraux (AIAM), all of France.

His works are in several public spaces, including the collection of AIAM and in the Tenniseum – Museum of Roland Garros.