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Niko Mathieu

About Niko Mathieu

My work is to paint souls. It is to entice the eye and the senses with sensual paintings which resonate with kaleidoscopic colors. Nicole Mathieu also known as the artist NIKO was born in Montreal. Being submitted at an early age to the influence of her artistic family, she quickly developed a fondness for the visual arts. For several years she has worked in the fashion world and its nomadic nature has led her from California to New York and throughout Europe. These trips allowed her to operate in different spheres of activities.  NIKO eventually discovered the contagious passion for painting when she followed her therapeutic art classes with Nicole Bolduc. And since that day, NIKO won’t go a single day without a brush in her hand! Her art is always evolving, it renews itself constantly. Its features are refined and become an inspiration to another. Those fleshy lips and piercing eyes define her signature, her identity. A woman very close to her femininity, spirituality and assertive without detours. You can read NIKO in her artwork.  You are traveling with her and get lost in these bursts of passion that explode in spontaneous gesture, that are ultimately alive!